Temple Muse hosts a number of curated art exhibitions and features the world’s most exciting contemporary art. Our white-walled gallery is suitable for a multitude of mediums, from photography, to sculpture, paintings and installations. We have exhibited the work of a number of African and international artists, from up & coming stars to acclaimed "masters". Stay up-to-date with our quarterly exhibitions by subscribing to our newsletter.


Connecting the dots

14th May to 30th August 2018

Heads Up, Keep Swimming

2nd November to 27th November

Modern Interpretations

3rd June to 30th August 2017

Expansion of Time

25th February to 28th April 2017

New Threads

8th October to 17th November 2016

That Bitch by Zemaye Okediji 119.4x92.7 Framed photograph on 3…ic 2016 1 of 3@2x.jpg
Standing Out

14th May to 15th August 2016