The Designer Focus: SIGÁL

Familiarise yourself with the Venezuelan-inspired collection now housed at Temple Muse, buzzing with vivid colours and vibrancy.

The bold hues, lively prints and striking colour palettes of SIGÁL’s collection will see you through this season and beyond. Its bold carnival-esque pieces feature sumptuous tropical prints, making you sit up and take notice.

The designer, Sigal Cohen Wolkowiez, was born in Caraca, Venezuela, and draws heavily on the cultures of her native country to find inspiration for her designs. Each collection produced is inspired by an idiosyncratic global destination, and features imagery from the variety of cultures existing within these destinations.

Designed in Miami and produced globally, SIGÁL’s ‘Dancing Devils’ resort collection features expressive prints, tribal patterns and natural imagery motifs, all inspired by the Dancing Devils of Venezuela. A centuries-old tradition symbolising the triumph of good over evil, the Dancing Devils wear vibrant colours, dance passionately, and drum with wild abandon.

The collection is luxurious in quality, crafted from cashmeres and silks to produce truly indulgent pieces. There are oversized scarves, elegant, draping kimonos, all crafted in matching rich colour palettes of pinks, blues, greens and indigos. Printed on the pieces are hand-drawn tribal weaves, illustrations of the devil masks, foliage and feathers to produce a characteristic layering of patterns, rich in detail and colour.

SIGÁL is a brand combining global cultures and vibrant hues with true luxury. The tradition behind each carefully crafted piece makes the brand unique in its appeal, thanks to designer Sigal’s experience with the fantastical and exceptional.

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