Acquaint yourself with the brand that’s bringing back the ultimate old-school British gentleman, one leather-crafted product at a time.

Charlie Noble is a sports and leisure brand that wouldn’t look out of place tucked into the passenger seat of a 1964 Aston Martin DB5. Its timeless leather craftsmanship and effortless charm make it a truly unique brand in its appeal to the 20th century dandy that’s hidden within all of us.

Its product range is selective and simple: the Bat & Ball, the Boule and the Charlie Noble. The bat of the Bat & Ball is crafted from Canadian Maple and American Walnut by expert joiners, whilst the ball from the set is created by the last British squash ball maker – ensuring your leisure sports equipment truly is a cut above the rest.

bats and balls ed.jpg


The Boule brings the continent to this quintessentially British brand as France makes its mark on the pitch with this Charlie Noble set. Simultaneously conquer and wow your opponents on the Pétanque pitch with this weighty set, laser engraved with Charlie’s initials for the finest emblem of good luck.



The Charlie Noble is the piece-de-resistance of the range in its classic leather style. Crafted in East London, each bag is made from Scottish Highland leather and finished with a unique embossed number, to make every bag one of a kind. A perfect accessory for any modern gentleman, the Charlie Noble is the definition of timeless style.



Charlie Noble serves as an important reminder that old-school simplicity doesn’t have to be old-school in design. Instead, we have a brand that offers the best of both worlds in its perfectly vintage modernity.

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