If you are still looking for a classy silhouette for Easter, Grey's 2018 Spring/Summer collection is your stylish answer.


Launched at Temple Muse on March 17th, the 2018 Grey Spring/Summer Collection has been designed to inspire.


The collection launch was a fashion statement embraced by socialites : Bez, Falana, Bubu Ogisi, Denola Grey, Zara Okpara and Karen Koshoni were some of the many Temple Muse guests to join the Ibadan women style revelation.


Influenced by the 60’s Ibadan Women, the collection is a unique style performance which combines colours with patterns to illustrate women's versatile modernity.


Guests navigated around Grey's central display which showcased the brand journey from its debut until today.

The Ibadan women style performance is reminiscent of a Nigerian fashion liberation. It celebrates the rise of fashion modernity at a time when conservatism was the rule.

The brand revisits the 60’s dress style in using the ‘Poisonous frog’ pattern which is also revealed in camisoles, kimonos and blouses. Colour adaptations find their depth in unique fabrics such as organza, PVC and silk.


At the event, the modern Ibadan Women was personified by brand ambassadors Zina Anumudu, Ozzy Etomi and Titi Fowora.

Belvedere crafted unique vodka cocktails and live beats by Saeon set the tone to the launch party.

Our Must-Have style recommendation goes to the Sheer Plum Mesh Blouse which is available in store.