Top Travel Destinations for 2018



If you’re looking for a holiday destination that has just about everything, Lisbon is your answer. From picture-perfect cobbled streets and amazing hill-top views to balmy waterfronts and vibrant bars and restaurants, Lisbon has it all. Within a stone’s throw of the capital is the mountainside UNESCO heritage site of Sintra, whilst a train ride away boasts the bustling beaches of Cascais and Estoril. One thing about Lisbon can be guaranteed – you will never be bored.

Best time to travel? Early Spring or early Autumn for fewer crowds and cheaper hotels.



Whether you’re an outdoor enthusiast or simply appreciate a beautiful landscape, Aysen is the place to be this year. Its stunning views, magnificent fjords and lush rainforests make for a breathtaking environment difficult to find fault with. Its relatively untouched status allows you to reconnect with nature and disconnect from the rest of your life, perfect for those with a hectic schedule they need to escape.

 Best time to travel? Between May and September for optimum weather and low-price flights.



Located in the heart of the Mediterranean, Sicily has fallen subject to the attention of poets for centuries – and with good reason. The varied landscape of the island is guaranteed to make a powerful first impression, with the wild juxtaposition of volcano, sea and mountain providing plenty of photography opportunities. The culinary delights of Sicily are deep and varying – taking a few island-grown ingredients such as shellfish, citrus fruits and ricotta, Sicilian chefs form the basis for their timelessly positive island reputation.

Best time to travel? From May to June for warm climates that won’t interrupt any island activities.



Playing host to the 31st European Film Awards in 2018, Seville’s white streets, historic centre and Gothic cathedral make a grandiose first impression. The capital of Andalucia has plenty of vibrancy on offer in addition to its architecture; the festivals and flamenco dancing that the city is famed for provide a continuous fiesta undercurrent that rumbles throughout Seville. The winding alleys of the Jewish quarter and the Real Alcázar featured as Game of Thrones’ Dorne and Meereen are just a small sample of Seville’s beauty and intrigue.

Best time to travel? Go for the Spring Fair ( 30th April – 7th May) for parades on horseback, sherry drinking and plenty of dancing.



Bucharest is a city of juxtaposition. Its unreconstructed Communist quarters meets the capitalist tourist boom, whilst the clash between Europe and the Balkans produces a perfect melting pot of cultures and styles. The elegant capital of Romania is a new addition to the alternative city break scene, offering a plethora of museums, hip cafes and picturesque parks. The architectural clash between modern and resplendent 17th century is perfect for photographers and culture enthusiasts, whilst foodies and café-hoppers will love Bucharest’s offering of pop-ups and hip hang-outs.

Best time to travel? September to October for fewer crowds and a milder climate.