Meet the designer behind Naomi Campbell's look

Traditional and modern at the same time, IAMISIGO seduced the global fashion industry with its avant-garde and anti-conformist style over the last week. Rooted in Nigerian fashion heritage, the brand already made a statement during Lagos Fashion Week and a few weeks later IAMISIGO strikes again. This time it was Naomi Campbell who fell in love with the brands style and rocked the ‘it’ look of her visit to Africa’s fashion capital.

As part of Temple Muse’s curated designers and always a brand that dares to impress, we get an insight by Bubu Ogisi: the designer behind Naomi Campbell’s ‘Agbada’ look as she walks us through her fashion-conscious collection.

If we had to define IAMISIGO’s style, we would confidently state that the IAMISIGO women is at the border of casual elegance and easy ready-to-wear. She is well travelled, adventurous, and is a woman with a voice of her own who dares to make an abstraction of social conventions.


It is probably those attributes that seduced Naomi Campbell who rocked the Agbada dress during Arise fashion week. For this occasion, Naomi paired IAMISIGO’s Agbada dress with killer high heels, turning a traditional ‘Agbada’ style into an Haute Couture piece. 

More than an iconic style, the Agbada dress becomes a fashion closet essential, a dress that can fit any silhouette if worn in a spirit of freedom. IAMISIGO once again surprises us with the unfinished touch of its collection which combines stripes, shimmers and raw fabrics that are artisanally cut and hand woven in Benin. Back to traditions but always fashion-forward, IAMISIGO paves the way to create newsness from old techniques and in total rupture with traditional codes of elegance. The dress is a fashion-forward statement which frees silhouettes with unconventional lines. 

The Nigerian label is a voice of its own: the brand stands out with its underlying fashion statement which pervades the codes of fashion and roots Pan-African identity into African cultural legacy.

The new collection is embodied by iconic looks that make the brand a global success in purple, gold and orange variations which are all available at Temple Muse.