Weekend Getaway: The Hamptons

Mega mansions, lavish parties, charity galas and collector jewels are often tied to the Hamptons fairytale. Land of Moguls and night club impresarios, the secret island has many stories to tell.


Beyond the traditional codes of opulence, the Hamptons feature a bucolic side which must be embraced at its core.

The long cluster of villages along the South fork of Long Island, the burgeoning wine lands, the seafood joints, its historical sites and memorable beaches are part of the Hamptons romance.

The time of a week end or during long holidays, the Hamptons is a perfect hide out for family, friends and Epicurean in search of a sweet escape.


Wellness, gastronomy, wine tasting and long walks at the beach can turn your stay into a magical experience. Sun-downers will be seduced by the sky purple shades which should be appreciated on their own and with a glass of wine of course !

For those who enjoy cultural heritage, the Hamptons offers a wide room to satisfy the most curious souls as the island hosted the most iconic residents who dovetailed the exclusivity of the place with its aura of charm : Jackie Kennedy's house and the all Hollywood prestigious residences are part of the scenery.


If the ocean could speak it would tale a story of prestige not limited to lavish luxury but to the naturally preserved private island prized for its serenity. Private dinners on a yacht or solo sailing will both give you a taste of the island signature feel.

Dine and wine in style as the Hamptons is a place for enchantment and relaxation. Prestigious spas are the joker card as the island is the home of few of the best wellness resorts.

We have tailored our perfect Hampton week end and sparked the Romance to its extreme.

Wolffer Estate Vineyard

Timeless promenades at the beach

Sunset romance


Yachting or sailing ?


A sweet taste of the Hamptons seafood


Pamper yourself in style

Meet your island of peace

Meet your island of peace