Studio Imo, exclusive to Temple Muse

Temple Muse is delighted to present an innovative capsule collection from Studio Imo, a boutique design label founded by design duo Edwin Okolo and Imobong Emah.


The label flawlessly marries ingenious elements of pattern, texture, construction and drape to produce classic, timeless pieces.


The SS20 collection, “The girl’s armoury for hunting and fishing”, is inspired by the designer’s favourite book by Melissa Bank, The Girl’s Guide To Hunting And Fishing.

“We are fascinated by the parallels between writing as an expression of thought and crochet as a medium; especially how craftsmanship has elevated both into enduring art.”


For further insight into the collection, Edwin Okolo took time out to answer some questions from the Temple Muse Team.

How did the book ‘The Girls Guide to Hunting and Fishing’ inspire this collection?

The main character, Jane Rosenal, was the real inspiration for me. I wanted to make a collection that represented the different parts of her journey into adulthood and self-awareness. I looked to the book, to the stories and events that happened, and used that as the platform to design the clothes.


The book is all about transition. The white dresses characterise the first half of the book where she struggles with the loss of her innocence. Some of the white dresses are very demure and some more adventurous to represent the searching and testing of the boundaries that we all do when we are becoming more self-aware.


The second half of the collection contains bursts of colours like bright yellows, pinks and greens. At this point you are aware, and you want to experiment and try new things. The collection is about testing boundaries but always classic, beautiful and accessible.


Favourite dress?

The spaghetti strap dresses. I feel like they amplify sex appeal. Thin straps are lingerie inspired, a cinched waist, a flared skirt and high slit. Sexy but also very evening.

Every dress is hand-made by me and, depending on the design, takes 5 days on average.


Why Crochet?

Crochet has a very strong emotional connection for me, I was taught by my grand-aunt who I was very close to. All the women in my family are very creative with their hands and this just felt like a tradition I was carrying forward.


Crochet is one of the few methods of dress making where you are creating your own fabric. You start with a piece of yarn and finish with a complete product. I enjoy the technicality of the process and I love the versatility of crochet. I love how it drapes, I love how it looks and I love how it feels.

The possibilities for using crochet to sustainably up-cycle plastic waste is also a strong motivator for the adoption of crochet as the brand’s preferred fabrication technique.


Who is the Studio Imo woman?

She is classic, she wants classic silhouettes, she understands technicality and design, she values fabrication and creation, she appreciates a dress that has been made well and with her in mind.

She will naturally gravitate towards brands such as ours. Nothing frivolous but classics that will remain relevant and stand the test of time from the design to the endurance of the material.

A dress she can pass down to her children.


What’s next for you?

The goal is Bridalwear.

A woman is never more aware of the work that goes into a dress than for her wedding or reception dress. I enjoy the process, the back and forth. I enjoy how invested the women are in the process, I love that there is so much synergy in the production and how that dress will come to define a pivotal moment in that woman’s life.


Discover the collection exclusively at Temple Muse.