by Kofi Setordji, Kofi Agorsor, Nii Obodai, Nicholas Kowalski,
Constance Swankier Nyornuwofia Agorsor & Nana Anoff

8th October to 17th November 2016


“New Threads” is an exhibition that brings together seven leading and emerging contemporary artists from Ghana showcasing 69 unique paintings on canvas and jute, sculptures and photographs. The exhibition is premised on a modern fabric of creativity woven within the context of an ancient loom of rich artistic ancestry, but presented in contemporary colors and expressions that address current global issues. 

A recurring theme in the exhibition is the interwoven renewal of universal symbols through expressions of modernity. The artworks address frontline issues such as migration, environment, emancipation of the girl child, leadership and democracy.

Curator: Sandra Mbanefo Obiago (SMO Contemporary Art)

Supported by: UBS and Veuve Clicquot