A Tropical Christmas

A Tropical Christmas

Christmas comes around every year urging us all to make it count. What will it be this year? A traditional holiday celebration, or perhaps one that’s completely out of the box? How about a tropical beach vacation?
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With only little over a week left till we descend into December and officially enter the Christmas festive period, we’ve all toiled and worked throughout the year it only makes sense for it to end on a high note with a tropical Christmas or even just a quick pre-Christmas getaway to reset before we descend into the turkey eating season. Seychelles, A tropical paradise of pristine white sand and turquoise lagoons teeming with rich marine life is an obvious choice for those simply in search of a tranquil getaway. 

From its beaches to its boulders, Seychelles is an extraordinary destination for travelers, with endless wonders to discover - natural, cultural, and culinary. From the exquisite and untouched white-sand beaches and verdant jungles to the futuristic boulders that seem to be carved by the hand of some abstract sculptor, every corner of this phenomenal destination is simply breathtaking.

Seychelles is a paradise like no other. Strewn across the Indian Ocean like minute pearls of perfection, just south of the Equator and east of Kenya. Its 115 coral and granite islands, the peaks of a massive underwater plateau, star in countless tropical island fantasies and represent one of the world’s last frontiers.

Where to Stay

For a unique Christmas experience, we recommend a stay at North Island. One of the world's most exclusive and secluded getaways, North Island is simply the ultimate barefoot luxury, whether for lavish couples retreat or a luxury family holiday.

North Island features just 11 villas spacious villas offering each guest an unparalleled sense of exclusivity and luxury. All villas have been individually handcrafted and are surrounded by the sheer natural beauty of white sands, granite peaks, and turquoise waters. During your stay, a North Island villa will be your home away from home whilst completely immersed in an unrivaled island experience.

Where to Eat

For the best in fine dining, Chateau de Feuilles will not disappoint. It is a magnificent restaurant that has an open-air setup with a stunning view of the ocean. Besides offering a breathtaking view, this restaurant offers a unique mix of local and international dishes that are famous for their beautiful aroma and flavor.

It is one of the best restaurants and uses the finest ingredients to prepare the dishes. The best part is that these ingredients are grown in the restaurant’s organic garden.

What to Do

Morne National Park is a favourite hotspot amongst nature lovers and trekkers. Exploring this expansive bio reserve is one of the most thrilling activities to do in Seychelles.

The park consists of a rich diversity of flora and fauna and numerous interlinked trails that are perfect for adventure enthusiasts and nature lovers

Another one of the most adventurous Seychelles attractions is to go for scuba diving and snorkeling. Due to the spectacular topography of sprawling coral reefs, marine walls, apexes, drop-offs, wreckages, and ravines- the northern island region is perfect for scuba. The island of Mahe has some amazing snorkeling spots like Bay Ternay.