Chrysalis Collection by Atelier Zashadu

Chrysalis Collection by Atelier Zashadu

Chrysalis collection by Atelier Zashadu is inspired by the metamorphic stages of a butterfly. Much like a butterfly's extraordinary transformation from a caterpillar into its graceful form from within the protective golden sheath of a chrysalis, the collection signifies evolving states of consciousness in design, obscuring the boundary between fashion and art.

Through the eternal cycle of deconstruction and rebirth, Chrysalis reflects creations informed by adaptability, and the transformative power of change, inviting wearers to embark on a courageous, personal journey of curiosity, self-discovery, and expansion. The collection is a reminder that, like the butterfly or a Phoenix rising from the ashes, we reveal our true beauty and potential by deepening into trust, surrender and resilience.

A reparative brand with sustainability at its core, Atelier Zashadu works to restore the ecosystem by alchemizing waste leather into collectible pieces. With an unwavering commitment to ethical practices, preserving traditional techniques from Nigerias cultural heritage is at the heart of its operations. 

Atelier Zashadu in collaboration with Luxden produced the Renegade collection featuring rough cut stones in precious metals  and hand curred brass handles for exclusive one off pieces. 

Atelier Zashadu is a private members club for seasoned collectors and will be available to purchase in-store from Sunday, 5th November