Top Interior Trends for 2023

Top Interior Trends for 2023

Interior design trends are constantly evolving and changing making revamping your home an exciting task. If you are ready to spice up your living space and create a home that's as trendy as you are? We got you covered with the interior design trends of the year! From bold colors to eclectic decor, the interior design world is bursting with fresh ideas that are pushing the boundaries of creativity. So, whether you're a design aficionado or simply looking for inspiration to transform your home, a minimalist at heart, or an unabashed maximalist, these interior trends of the year are sure to inspire you. 

Bolder Colours and Prints

Step into a world of vibrant color and daring interior design as we welcome the bold and the beautiful in 2023. After a year of understated and natural color palettes, the upcoming trends are set to be a feast for the eyes. Designers predict a fresh and daring approach to color, marking a departure from the conservative hues of recent years. The safe beige, grey, and white walls are on their way out, making way for bolder and darker shades that add depth and character to your space.

A luxurious palette of rich jewel tones, soothing greens, timeless blues, and warm earth tones will dominate in 2023. You might decide to try this trend via wallpaper in the powder bath, a bold wall color in the home office, laundry room, or dining room, or simply by adding a few colorful accents to the living room. Traditional murals and scenic papers will also be seen, but with a modern and colorful twist.

Unique and Unusual Accessories 

Living room accessories are becoming more unexpected and less traditional. Rather than relying solely on books and small sculptures, people are moving towards experimenting with sentimental pieces that will elevate your home and uplift you.This shift away from typical accessories will allow for more special and considered decor that stands out from the norm. 

Surrealism is also making a splash in home decor, providing an unexpected, intriguing and fresh take on interior design as well as a unique  conversation-starters that are sure to captivate your guests. This upcoming trends of 2023 will highlight the importance of incorporating meaningful artwork and decor that truly resonate with your personal style. Whether it be through sculptural pieces, paintings, or multifunctional items, each piece should serve a purpose and bring you joy.

So, embrace the trend and elevate your home with one-of-a-kind accessories that reflect your individuality and taste.

Arches and Curves 

The trend for arches and curves in interior design is set to continue throughout 2023. Arched doors are becoming increasingly popular in architectural trends for extensions and renovations, while curved furniture such as sofas, chairs, and accessories are also making a comeback. The use of curved shapes in interior design provides a more organic feel and an overarching sense of lightness, and is a great way to add dimension to a space. Incorporating this trend into your home can be as simple as adding curved décor details, or going big with an arched doorway or curved couch.

Look out for 1970s-inspired curved graphics on wallpaper and flooring, as well as circular rugs which make an interesting alternative to rectangular or square options. Overall, the trend towards curves offers a softer and more welcoming aesthetic, and provides a refreshing change from the straight lines and sharp edges of modernism that have dominated in recent years.

Home Retreats

In 2023, spa-like homes are a growing trend in interior design. The rise of the "spathroom," a spa-inspired bathroom, is an example of this trend. Bathrooms are often seen as the most ritualistic room in the home, making them a popular choice for creating small self-care spaces within the home. People are increasingly looking for spa-inspired spaces that can double as a private sanctuary. To achieve this, interior designers are using warmer textures and fabrics, such as outdoor fabrics for shower curtains or chaise longue upholstery, and incorporating softening elements like scalloped blinds and artworks.

The wellness trend is also driving this movement towards spa-like homes. Creating an environment that promotes healthy living and mindfulness is becoming more important in interior design. By incorporating design elements that encourage relaxation and restoration, homeowners can create a retreat-like atmosphere in their homes.