Designer Focus: Oríré "Brick by Brick" Collection

Designer Focus: Oríré "Brick by Brick" Collection

In a world that often thrives on constant movement, Oríré invites you to embrace the power of mindfulness with their awe-inspiring new collection: Brick by Brick. As we navigate the whirlwind of life, this remarkable line emerges as a testament to the value of introspection and intentional living.

Drawing inspiration from the Creative Director's personal journey through a transformative year, each piece in the Resort '23 collection is a labor of love meticulously crafted in the heart of our Lagos atelier


Brick by Brick is a testament to finding creativity in a sea of beautiful chaos. The collection takes its inspiration from the idea of building meticulously. Each piece is a labor of love, delicately crafted in our Lagos atelier with a focus on details, fluidity, and a range of textures. The clothes are optimised for precious moments of groundedness, be it travel or an intimate special occasion. Maintaining the brand codes of mindful production, each piece in the new collection is consciously made to align with those memorable moments.


Signature details from Oriré mainstays- chic ruffles, body-skimming silhouettes, sumptuous colors- remain rooted in their celebration of the different facets of femininity. They are elevated and reworked, matched with new textiles like ethically dyed denim to create forward-thinking yet familiar items for the modern Oriré woman.

Using a rich mix of silk and breathable linen, cotton, and denim, the resort collection prioritises these fine details. A set of ruched denim halter looks evoke 1970s escapism, relaxed pants are given an added flair for multi-functionality while the new season dresses experiment with volume and complementary accents to varying degrees.

Ultimately, Brick by Brick intends to provide the Oriré woman with a fresh set of wardrobe options, presenting the perfect building blocks for moments of much-needed stillness.

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