Pieces Of The Cloud: Artistry Meets Luxury in Scented Candles

Pieces Of The Cloud: Artistry Meets Luxury in Scented Candles

Introducing Pieces of the Cloud (POTC), a brand new addition to our curated collection at Temple Muse. Founded by the visionary artist Karimah Ashadu, POTC brings a breath of fresh air to the realm of luxury scented candles, marrying exquisite fragrance with sustainable practices.

POTC was born in 2021 from Karimah Ashadu's passion for sensory artistry. Trained in the prestigious Cote d’Azur, Ashadu imbues each candle with the essence of her French artisanal training. Every candle is meticulously handcrafted in Hamburg, Germany, using a unique blend of coconut and rapeseed wax—vegan-friendly and free from paraffin and animal derivatives. This dedication to quality ensures a clean, long-lasting burn that not only elevates your space but also respects the environment.

At POTC, fragrance is more than an accessory—it’s an experience crafted to evoke emotions and memories. Inspired by nature, travel, and the sensory delight of fine dining, their scents are meticulously blended from high-grade fragrance and pure essential oils. Whether you prefer the soothing notes of a forest retreat or the invigorating zest of citrus, each fragrance composition is designed to transform your environment instantly and linger long after the candle is extinguished.

Beyond exquisite fragrances, POTC is committed to sustainability. The brand packaging is crafted from recycled materials, reflecting their ethos of environmental stewardship. Each candle, from its natural cotton wick to its recycled packaging, embodies their dedication to reducing their ecological footprint without compromising on luxury.

 POTC candles not only fill your space with captivating fragrances but also enhance your décor with their timeless aesthetic. Encased in a sleek white vessel with an embossed metal lid, each candle exudes sophistication. The signature three-wick design ensures an impressive burn time of over 50 hours, making it a statement piece for any room. Packaged in a luxurious quilted box with gold embossed labels, a POTC candle is not just a purchase—it’s a work of art that elevates your interior. 

As we introduce POTC to our discerning clientele, we invite you to experience the essence of luxury and craftsmanship in every candle. Whether you are an interior design enthusiast, a fragrance connoisseur, or simply someone who appreciates the finer things in life, POTC promises an unforgettable olfactory journey.

Explore the collection and discover why POTC is more than just a candle—it’s a testament to artistry, integrity, and the power of scent to transform your space and elevate your mood.