Sculpture Reimagined

Sculpture Reimagined

Far from the traditional, the artist, Christophe Grünthaler, presents works that mix tradition and contemporary art into ultra modern sculptures that absolutely speak for themselves!


After practicing in the international trade industry for 15 years, Christophe Grünthaler aspired for new professional adventures ,more in line with his personal tastes.

Attached to carrying stories of life and transmission, with a love for art, beauty and aesthetics, Christophe revived a family tradition of goldsmiths and jewellers, reviving the Maison Grünthaler founded in 1877 with a new concept. He began by offering its’ clients, the international elite, personal or family emblems/coats of arms symbolising their life history, values and success.

Enthused with this same creative spirit and marked by the rise of luxury and excess, Christophe Grünthaler then embarked on an artistic life, mixing his passion for jewellery and sculptures. By changing its scale, he has turned jewelry rings into original and personalized sculptures with a high visual impact. Each work symbolizes strong identity, love, values and life stories.


The signet ring, steeped in history, a prestigious symbol of authority and transmission, recalls its identity, its belonging to a milieu, a culture, a group, an entity. Through a coat of arms, an emblem, initials, a logo and monograms, the engraving makes sense, becoming the theme of the sculpture and conveying a deep message.

“I take the codes of the historical signet ring and divert it from its primary function. The jewel becomes a work of art, testifying to the richness of a life. I create for its’ owner a coat of arms / emblem, symbolising the owner’s life story, values and successes, which becomes the theme of the sculpture.“

Christophe Grünthaler


"My wedding ring sculptures are a reminder of the commitment made between two people and allow them to remember their love in an original way with a big gesture, engraving them with a sweet and meaningful word".

Christophe Grünthaler


To pass on memories, Christophe Grünthaler evokes original, timeless works of art that combine tradition and contemporary art, and also creates personalised sculptures inspired by street art : “King or Queen” followed by what you would secretly like to be! 

“Through my models of tags and graffiti, I provoke an encounter between tradition and street-art which are found around common values.”

Christophe Grünthaler


“Marked by the rise of luxury and excess, I turn the ring into a sculpture with a strong visual impact that we willingly exhibit in private or public spaces, which we share and admire given its’ originality and size.

My Flower ring diverts the primary function of a ring. From jewellery worn for centuries, it becomes a sculpture that we willingly exhibit and admire in a new way”

Christophe Grünthaler