The Art of Food and Wine Pairings

The Art of Food and Wine Pairings

Finding a great food and wine pairing is one of those truly joyful moments in life. The art of pairing wine with food is one which when understood, even at a basic level, opens up a whole new world of culinary enjoyment. 
Here, we talk you through how to pair the best wines with your favourite dishes.

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Wine pairing is a delicate process of combining food dishes with the perfect wine to help elevate the dining experience. For all foodies—and even casual wine drinkers—pairing a nice glass of wine with a delicious plate of food can be the combination that sends your taste buds into orbit. 

When trying to identify a great food and wine pairing, you are simply trying to find a wine that enhances the flavours in the food dish and compliments them and find food that does the same to the wine.



Ordering Champagne and a dozen oysters might seem like a luxurious statement, but there's a solid reason why this pairing is so beloved. A study was even carried out that backs it up, the researchers found that aged Champagne (due to a longer time in contact with yeast cells) and European oysters were the best matches.

Wine Sommeliers also find that brut Champagne actually has a faint touch of fruity sweetness which makes them extra-refreshing when served with salty foods. They also cut through the richness and oil of fried dishes: so feel free to pie your Bubbly and a bowl of potato chips for your next movie night in.



If you are about to enjoy a lobster dinner, the best wine to pair it with is Chardonnay in order to savour the taste. Chardonnay works to complement and contrasts the flavors of the lobster, especially when aged, chardonnay's buttery flavors are often present, and these act to highlight the similar taste in typical lobster preparations.



With its rich fruit flavours and robust tannins, Cabernet Sauvignon or Bordeaux is a brilliant pairing with steaks, burgers, lamb, and even venison. The firm tannins in Cabernet cut through the fat and protein, which in turn smooth out the tannins to create a perfect symbiotic relationship in each bite.



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Sauvignon Blanc and salmon make an excellent match that defies traditional beliefs. As a result of salmon's bold flavor and firm texture pairing it with Sauvignon out of glass grassy, citrusy, mineral-driven aromas and flavors bring out the flavour of the salmon due to the fattiness of pink fish.



With its easy-drinking, citrusy profile, Pinot Grigio plays well with lighter dishes like pasta primavera and bright, zesty seafood entrees. Serve your Pinot Grigio with anything from fried calamari to a prawn cocktail, fish tacos, or a light salad.


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