The Iconic Travel Bag Transformed

The Iconic Travel Bag Transformed

Inspired by artist and designer Jonathan Riss’ lifelong love of adventure, Jay Ahr has built the world’s largest collection of transformed Louis Vuitton Keepall bags.


The Keepall bag was chosen as it is one of the a few iconic everyday objects that can be found all over the world.

Originally launched in 1930, the depth of vintage options along with the globally diverse imprints provide the perfect canvas.

Several years in the making, this collection forms the backdrop to a distinctive exploration of global travel, culture, tradition and craftsmanship that draws from an eclectic mix of inspirations: Persian rugs from Iran; Hokusai’s Shunga woodblock prints from Japan; African tribal patterns; Pre-Colombian art; Arabic and Chinese calligraphy; patriotism and national identity; armaments; the pursuit of sporting excellence; musical lyrics and album covers; and Tibetan Thangkas.

The embroidery techniques and materials makes use of hundreds of different archived elements, using practices perfected from more than 20 years in the development of textures.



The one of a kind Nigeria bag is now available through Temple Muse.

All the bags in the collection have lived a previous life, marked by the passage of time. The embroidery techniques themselves also capture the concept of time as it can take weeks.

to complete, with the patterns often designed around the specific wear and tear of each bag.

Although each individual design is unique, Jay Ahr follows certain design paths through multiple iterations, blending different references to create richer, unified themes.

The artwork recreates each vintage bag into
an authentic, contemporary article that reminds of a particular time and place, but that exists as a singular timeless object, both functional and beautiful to behold.

By providing vintage pieces with a new lease of life,
Jay Ahr is also changing perceptions on the lifecycle of what we purchase by providing a creative inspiration for future sustainability.

There is no distinction between abstraction and figurative, between the specificity of an algorithm and the spontaneity of freehand drawing. This artistic chaos all plays out on a discreet canvas that can be carried with you, a narrative that continues to evolve with each individual story.

Jay Ahr marries beautifully crafted collectors items with sustainable business practices to breathe new life into vintage pieces. Each piece with its own original and completely unique story, literally woven into its surface, is no longer a bag, but a personal work of art.