The power of fragrance by Dr. Vranjes

The power of fragrance by Dr. Vranjes

Dr Paolo Vranjes , a pharmacist, chemist and artisan perfumer, is the man who fuelled a deeply rooted passion for the olfactive world and is the founder of the Dr. Vranjes home fragrance brand which was established in Florence in 1983.

Dr Vranjes scents come in antique Florentine style bottles that sometimes take on the shape of the mysterious city’s most memorable monuments. Each fragrance holds a timeless memory and the scents packaging is made with Florence paper while the bottles are mouth blown glass.

Born to a father who liked to collect precious fragrances, Dr. Vranjes fostered his family's heritage to give birth to the brand we know today. The perfumer cultivated a dedication for signature scents through a selection of pure ingredients and a collection of the finest essential oils.

The skilled perfumer identifies, blends and creates the unique scents at his laboratory in Florence using natural extracts of local Florentine plants and flowers as well as rare and exotic essences from around the world.

Showcasing a beautiful selection of fragrances to suit different environments, Dr. Vranjes brings a range of reed diffusers, refills and room sprays that envoke a variety of emotions that add a touch of elegance to every living space.

Discover Dr. Vranjes' timeless power of fragrance by exploring the wide collection of scents in store.