Unique Places to Stay in Africa

Unique Places to Stay in Africa

In the past few years, tourism to Africa has seen a significant boost for several reasons. Attracted by incredible weather, warm and welcoming people, a vastly varied cultural and geographical terrain, great food and soul-affirming music, more people are trooping to Africa to enjoy its endless spread of delights

This article focuses on some mind blowing hotels and lodgings for the awe-loving tourist from anywhere in the world.

Nay Palad Bird’s Nest, Kenya

Nestled safely in the already gorgeous Laikipia plains of Kenya, the Nay Palad Bird’s Nest is a place of perfect beauty on the extensive grounds of the Segera retreat. Truly artistic and inventive, this lovely lodging allows visitors to enjoy a well-rounded experience that begins with the sunrise and doesn’t quite end at sunset. Spectacular views of the plain are complemented by the sounds of animals rising at daybreak and stars winking against an endless background of untouched natural beauty at night.

Amanjena Luxury Resorts, Morocco

If you want to spend your holiday in a place where time itself stands still to appreciate the beauty of nature, you must visit the luxury Amanjena resorts in Morocco’s Marrakech. Enjoy the historical comfort of palatial gardens and courtyards, and olive groves balanced with modern luxuries like private pools and extensive golf courses. Made to recall the classic Red City, the pavilions are a pinnacle of architecture and symmetry, a place of vaulted ceilings, Moorish arches and a generous supply of indigenous works of art. Fully equipped wellness centres and lovingly-prepared meals made from the richest ingredients await to nourish both your body and soul.


The Manta Resort, Tanzania

You’ve heard of the underwater restaurant that stuns many in Dubai, but wait until we tell you of the joyous experience of having your own personal under-water hotel room. Surrounded by the boundless Indian Ocean, the multi-level floating structure boasts incredible views of coral animals at leisure, opening residents up to the beauty of star-lit skies at night and affording them the pleasure of a skinny dip (if they prefer!) in what as been described as one of the best swimming beaches in Zanzibar.

A masterpiece of Swedish engineering and locally-sourced resources, this resort is a dream that must be experienced at least once in every lifetime.


Bisate Lodge, Rwanda

Once a place of pain and fear, Rwanda stands rebirthed and transformed over the last decades, morphing into its true identity as a place of life and regeneration.

The Bisate lodge is a visible statement of life in Rwanda. The sustainable rainforest-based lodge in Volcanoes Park offers a thrilling wild primate experience on an eco-conscious conservation. The multiple award-winning Bisate Wilderness is reminiscent of original Rwandan royal houses; nestled up in the hills and offering a truly stunning bird’s eye view of  the neighbouring volcanoes. The rich volcanic earth supports the growth of highly nutritious food, which is served in-season to tourists on site. Wine cellars, spas, libraries and tree nurseries  make Bisate Lodge  a truly composite paradisaical experience.


Tongole Wilderness Lodge, Malawi

In the ‘Warm Heart of Africa' is a forest retreat in Nkhotakota Wildlife Reserve, where trees meet sky in a perfect harmony that describes the true nature of the land known for safety. The reserve is a nature-lover’s heaven, boasting amazing views of animals like elephants, baboons, warthogs, antelopes and various colourful birds. The land is green and lush, and the flora and fauna flourish with little interference within a protected facility.  

The lodges are fitted with comfort-bringing amenities that rival any luxury residential outfit, the rooms are not only tastefully designed, but sometimes double-bedroomed so that the whole family can experience the beauty of an undisturbed African paradise.

From the sparkling green waters of Malawi to the endlessly unfolding desert lands of Kenyan safaris, there is no end to the enjoyment that awaits when you visit Africa. If you ever find yourself on that side of the globe, use this blog as a catalogue for the best places to stay.