Wedding 2.0 - Inspiring New Destinations

Wedding 2.0 - Inspiring New Destinations

Destination weddings have been all the rage for quite some time and they don’t seem to be showing any signs of stopping. Yet some of us have gotten tired of the same old destinations- London, Dubai, and Paris, to name a few. Forget about those places and try something unique and slightly unexpected for your destination wedding in 2020. Worried that trying something new may mean compromising on the perfection of your special day? Think again.

Spanning four continents, our top 6 destinations are as idyllic as they are romantic and they’re sure to make your “already-married-friends” green with envy admiration. Read on as we open your mind to a whole new world of possibilities where destination weddings are concerned. Hint: almost all of the destinations have immaculate beaches with crystal clear waters.



Fun fact, the Netherlands is replete with picture-perfect wedding destinations. From castles to cruise ships, to farmhouses and botanical gardens, appealing options abound. So much so that it may well be the most underrated country for your perfect destination wedding.

Keukenhof Castle, Netherlands. Photo Source: Tulip Festival Amsterdam

Keukenhof Castle, Netherlands. Photo Source: Keukenhof Castle


Make the most of Tulip season with a springtime nuptial in a flower garden such as the one at Castle Keukenhof. Even if you opt for another impressive Dutch wedding venue, a pre-wedding photoshoot in a Tulip Field is not to be missed.

Keukenhof Castle, Netherlands. Photo Source: Cruise Mapper



If Sicily is the largest Mediterranean island, Cyprus is the third largest. Historically, Cyprus was of strategic importance because of its location at the intersection of Europe, Africa, and Asia. Cyprus is home to several gorgeous cities but Limassol is particularly interesting because many of the country’s wineries are headquartered here.

Limassol, Cyprus. Photo Source: Celebrity Cruises

Old Town Limassol, Cyprus. Photo Source: Scenic Travel

Limassol, Cyprus. Photo Source: Mr & Mrs Smith

One of Limassol’s beaches would make a lovely wedding destination but how about a rustic-style wedding in a winery? Talk about making your friends jealous!

Limassol, Cyprus. Photo Source: Beziique

 Limassol, Cyprus. Photo Source: Beziique



Don’t shy away from this chic South American destination. After years of political turmoil, Colombia has bounced back majorly and is on the up and up. Don’t let the distance deter you either, this destination is well worth it. Cartagena is located in the Caribbean Region of Colombia and its old town is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Cartagena, Colombia. Photo Source: Holland America


A jewel of the Caribbean coast, Cartagena is known for its history, colourful yellow buildings, and for the incredible way that old and new stand side by side. Many of Cartagena’s most famous buildings are majestic old churches like the 17th-century Catedral de Santa Catalina Alejandria.

Cartagena, Colombia. Photo Source: Vogue

Cartagena, Colombia. Photo Source: Bachelor Parties Colombia

Expect a warm Colombian welcome, even if your Spanish is not the best. Avoid the rainy season with a December to March wedding. Although this is also the “High Season” when prices tend to be dearer, you can get around this by booking well in advance.

Cartagena, Colombia. Photo Source: Sofitel

 Cartagena, Colombia. Photo Source: Fun Life Crisis



One of the safest and most politically stable countries in Africa, Senegal is a sublime fusion of African culture and French influences. Its capital city, Dakar, is the westernmost city in mainland Africa, boasts several scenic beaches with waves that are excellent for surfing, and has a thriving art scene.

Dakar, Senegal. Photo Source: Suitcase Mag

Dakar, Senegal. Photo Source: Accor Hotels

Exchange vows with your betrothed on one of Dakar’s glorious beaches or luxury hotels, and don’t let the festivities stop there. Dakar has a vibrant nightlife so you and your guests can dance the night away.

Dakar, Senegal. Photo Source: Spiegel


While we’re on the subject of a destination wedding in Senegal, skip the usual wedding songs and walk down the aisle to the music and song of a traditional Griot performer. Plan for a wedding anytime from December to April as that is the dry season. There’s nothing like some good old downpour to mess up your special day.

Dakar, Senegal. Photo Source: Radisson Hotels



While India may not be the first country that comes to mind when you think about your destination wedding, there are certainly some amazing spots to consider.  Forget the busy cities like Delhi and Mumbai, think more Goa. Goa is an unmissable coastal state with a laid-back vibe in the western part of India.

Goa, India. Photo Source: Nova Tours

 Goa, India. Photo Source: Pixo Hub

If getting married on the beach is your thing, then you should definitely consider one of Goa’s white-sand beaches. If it’s not, Goa has got you covered with its 17th-century churches - a remnant of it Portuguese colonial past - and luxury hotels with sea views.

Goa, India. Photo Source: Make My Trip

 Goa, India. Photo Source: Luxury Escapes

If you are a party animal, Goa might be especially appealing - it’s known as India’s party state! You’ll want to choose a venue in South Goa because that’s where most of the luxury hotels are situated. It also has fewer tourists. Consider a wedding from October-April to ensure the monsoon rains don’t get in the way of a picture-perfect day.

Goa, India. Photo Source: Demystify Insurance



Italy is one of the most popular wedding destinations yet when you think about a destination wedding in Italy, you probably think of cities like Rome, Venice, or Florence. The island of Sicily may well be Italy’s best keep secret. While Sicily is home to to several beautiful cities, the little ancient town of Taormina is where you’ll want to consider tying the knot in 2020.

Taormina, Sicily. Photo Source: The National

Taormina, Sicily. Photo Source: Pinterest

Sitting on a cliff that looks on to the Ionian Sea, Taormina boasts some of the most gorgeous pristine blue beaches, including the famed Isola Bella. Whether you choose to say I do on the beach or in one of Taormina’s historical churches that overlook the sea - talk about a win-win, this is a wonderful destination. 

Taormina, Sicily. Photo Source: San Domenico Palace

Taormina, Sicily. Photo Source: Distinctive Italy Weddings

Taormina gets its fair share of tourists in the summer so consider a May or early June wedding, before the summer heat and tourists arrive in full force.

Taormina, Sicily. Photo Source: Wedding Sicily

Taormina, Sicily. Photo Source: Wedding Sicily