14th May to 30th August, 2018

In Connecting the Dots, we meet an artist philosopher, whose social commentary is expressed powerfully through over forty-five eclectic free standing and wall mounted sculptures and painted canvases. Onadipe's art presents an arresting narrative which reflects a refreshing intellectual depth, artistic dexterity, diversity, and freedom. His critical analysis of Africa's sociopolitical struggles and aspirations are woven into his bold artistic palette in very clear visual vocabulary.

Onadipe's interpretation of these universal themes are presented through the tying, knotting, folding and melting of vibrant re-purposed materials used to create striking sculptures which are a unique counterpoint to the delicatebrushstrokes of his leaf paintings depicting human forms yearning towards emotional harmony and environmental balance.

Curator: Sandra Mbanefo Obiago (SMO Contemporary Art)

Supported by: Veuve Clicquot