3RD JUNE to 30TH AUGUST, 2018

"Modern Interpretations" is an exhibition that offers a rare perspective on traditional African forms from a little known academic whose interpretation of traditional philosophy, literature, & cultural identity, shows a refreshing maturity and nuanced artistic breadth. Omoighe's works are divided into two categories: her recent works show her exploring abstract techniques using splashes and dribbles of color, reminiscent of Jackson Pollock’s style, and drawing on her fascination with water based pigments and the linear features on traditional textiles, pottery and wall paintings.

While her earlier, more impressionistic Hunter Series was inspired by D.O. Fagunwa’s Yoruba literary classic, ‘Forest of a Thousand Daemons’, which was eventually translated into English by Nigeria’s Nobel Laureate, Professor Wole Soyinka.

Curator: Sandra Mbanefo Obiago (SMO Contemporary Art)

Supported by: Veuve Clicquot