25TH MAY TO 19TH JULY, 2019

WHITE EBONY challenges preconceived notions on albinism with powerful images which reflect a Renaissance beauty through sensitive lighting, composition, and layered stylistic interpretations. White Ebony takes the viewer on an emotional journey that is filled with nuance as well as controversial in its stark positioning and challenging suggestions. Each work reflects both internal struggles while working through layers of identity and self-actualization, and points to the urgent need to stop the stigmatisation of persons with albinism.

“It’s easy to create a striking image of a person with albinism because of how unique they are. But these models were not just put in front of my camera for me to photograph them. I was able to really connect with them through long conversations about their daily struggles, sharing with me what their life is likeand all this knowledge translated into this new body of work,” explained Yetunde Ayeni Babaeko while presenting White Ebony. “My work is not there to make you feel good, its purpose is to trigger you to think and expand your knowledge.”

Curator: Sandra Mbanefo Obiago (SMO Contemporary Art)

Supported by: Veuve Clicquot