6 of the World’s Most Exclusive Members Club

6 of the World’s Most Exclusive Members Club

From Nigeria to China and America to France, private members’ clubs from all over the world have stood the test of time, and are recognised as spaces that foster community, networking, leisure and recreation. Today we will be reviewing some of the world’s most exclusive members clubs and describing some of what goes on behind the velvet curtains.

Yacht Club de Monaco, Monaco


This prestigious yacht club is world-famous and known to attract the super wealthy sea-lovers of the world. To the point, it has under its burgees, about ¼ of the world’s largest superyachts. With over 2,500 members from 81 nationalities, the club attracts the crème de la crème of La Mer and is a key player in the international yachting scene.

Founded in 1963 by Prince Rainier, it has been presided over since 1984 by Prince Sovereign Albert II. The club’s missions include serving as “a link between those who love the sea and the interests of tourism and promoting the Principality.”

Some membership benefits include residential cabins, academy, wellness and fitness services, an exclusive boutique, social, sports and entertainment events, etc.


The Yellowstone Club, Montana

As far as exclusive clubs go, the Yellowstone Club is as exclusive as it gets. Located in Montana, U.S.A, the legendary lifestyle estate is a private residential club that houses luxury ski and golf resorts, rated among the world’s Top 10, and surrounded by some fantastic landmarks.

Sitting on over 13,000 whopping acres of land and populated by mountains up to 10,000 feet high, the estate is an Edenic edifice in the midst of civilisation; a wintery paradise that attracts the world’s most affluent and famous people like Bill Gates, Jennifer Lopez, Mark Zuckerberg and Tom Brady.


Carlyle & Co., Hong Kong

Designed to recapture the magic of a contemporary interpretation of The Carlyle, Carlyle & Co., Hong Kong, is a translation of the true essence of New York City. Continuing the same legacy of connection and community that the original is known for, the success of the project can be celebrated through the high-class members it attracts; from artists to actors and musicians. Murals by French painter Jean-Philippe Delhomme adorn the walls, while vocalists thrill the senses with 5-star live performances, and the Brasserie kitchen supplies endless culinary delights in tribute to original NY high-end diners.

The members-only club in the heart of Hong Kong balances the deep cultural art scene of New York with its liberated fun-loving demeanor, proving to be home away from home for lovers of the Big Apple.


Silencio Club, Paris

Silencio in Paris leans quite heavily into the club part of its name. Think of a passion-driven collision of surrealistic art, avant-garde music and the best dressed night-lovers you’ve ever seen, all wrapped within the quirks and eccentricities of Paris and pioneered by David Lynch; and you might start to get a grasp of the mood at Silencio. Described as “a nightclub experience for the intellectual elite,” Silencio’s interior was intentionally designed to give a shock of awareness, with each area of the club purposed with compelling a particular feeling.

The furnishing, woodwork, art displays, carpeting, light and fixtures, all come together in creating ‘art that you can live in’. The club is members-only with private operations for most of the week, but opens its doors to the general public for nights of extravagant clubbing on the weekends.


Capital Club, Dubai

In the same manner of extreme affluence and the knack for displaying extravagance that the world has come to associate with Dubai, Capital Club redefines the meaning of ‘exclusive club’. The club is a collective of forward thinking innovative individuals.

Membership benefits include social networking experiences with the elites of the business world, access to well-guarded industry insights and secrets, membership engagement projects, access to premium dining experiences, and reciprocal club access to over 350 reputable luxury clubs around the world. Sounds like the be-all of private clubs!

Apollo's Muse, London

Entering London’s Apollo’s Muse will have you thinking that you stepped back centuries of years ago into Ancient Rome or Greece. Casted wall-to-ceiling in marble and adorned with various sculptures and statues, the exclusive Mayfair club might as well be an art gallery or museum.

Tagged "one of the most private private clubs”, Apollo’s Muse has an exclusive membership limit of a scant 500 people. Members find themselves dining under the artistic influence and ambience of art that dates back to the 1st and 2nd centuries, like a Greek funerary Lekythos (4th century AD) and the club’s namesake: Apollo’s Muse (2nd century AD). Serving life-changing drinks and gourmet meals of the finest selection and preparation, the club is magnificent in splendour and intricate in detail–a maximalist chorus of sublimity.