Art, Wine & Wonder: The Delaire Graff Estate

Art, Wine & Wonder: The Delaire Graff Estate

Overlooking the Stellenbosch mountains, the Delaire Graff Estate is one-of-a-kind luxury destination.
The estate is owned by king of diamonds, Laurence Graff and plays host to the biggest names of South Africa contemporary Art scene.
While sightseeing Stellenbosh, you can lift the veil that covers the estate with its aura of prestigious mystery. Wine, Art, culture and exploration are on the menu. Whether you like the finest white wines, African contemporary Art or relaxing spas, the estate has a lot to offer.
Art connoisseurs will find delight in walking across the estate's vineyards to discover the unique artworks that give Delaire Graff Estate its reputation of prestige.
Considered as one of the biggest art collections hosted in a vineyard, the estate features a diversity of internaitonal artists including Deborah Bell, Vladimir Tretchikoff, Anton Smit and many other talents.
Faith, Sculpture, Anton Smit

We take you on a timeless walk across one of the finest African vineyards!

The Chinese Girl, Painting, Vladimir Tretchikoff

Running Cheetah, Sculpture, Anton Smit

Art on the dining table

Art in the botanical Garden

Sentinel, Painting, Lionel Smit

The vinoteque, Painting, Lionel Smit

The Couple, Painting, Fred Shimmel

Coeur Rage, Painting, Deborah Bell