Beauty Trends of the Season

Beauty Trends of the Season

The beauty industry thrives on newness and experimentation. There is no lack of inspiration and innovation to try out. Here are our edits of 5 beauty trends to have on your radar this coming season.  



People are investing in their skin like never before and with the advancements in dermatological research there is no shortage of new beauty technology available.

Here are some facial tools making waves that will be worth a try:



Gua Sha Facial Lifting Tool. Photo Source: Mount Lai

If you are not clued into the benefit of a regular facial massage its time to get on the bandwagon.  This flat pebble of jade, used in traditional Chinese medicine, is credited with chiselling out cheekbones, depuffing under eye bags and bringing a glow back to the skin.


Apart from employing the healing and protective properties of the jade stone, using the roller for regular home facial massages increases blood circulation and assists with lymphatic drainage.

Jade Facial Roller. Photo Source: Solaris Labs NYC


Usually only reserved for use in your aesthetician’s office many brands have launched portable, handheld versions for in home use.

LED Face Mask. Photo Credit: Maed

The device targets a wide range of indications from sagging and wrinkling skin to acne and inflammation depending on the light frequency employed.

e.g. Red light triggers an increase in collagen and elastin and hence has antiaging properties.

Blue light is absorbed by oil glands and kills the bacteria that contribute to acne.


High frequency treatment uses argon gas and electricity to kills bacteria, reduce inflammation, increase circulation and stimulate collagen making it an effective anti-aging and acne fighting tool.  Usually reserved for use by professional aestheticians portable at home versions are now available on the market.


High Frequency Beauty Device. Photo Source: DIY Trade



Pastel colours are always fun. Play with anything 90’s inspired.

Pastel nail polish. Photo Source: Stylist

The French manicure has made a resurgence. Add a playful twist by employing some negative space art. Use fun non traditional colours for the French manicure or even a simple squiggle on a sheer base.

Negative space nail art. Photo Source:


We may all have our favourite go to shape but currently trending is the practical but elegant Almond Nails.  Somewhere in between the oval and its sharper cousin the stiletto this shape is inspired by the humble almond.  Widest at the base, slightly rounded on the sides of the free edges and pointed at the very tip.

Almond shaped nails. Photo Source: Wild about beauty



Say goodbye to complicated, time consuming perfectly blended multiple layer eye shadow applications.

One swipe eye. Photo Source: Stylist


This trend will come as a breath of fresh air to the busy woman on the go.  Choose one colour from earth tones to bold and apply to the lid.  

Remember if you are going bold with the eye keep it toned down for the rest of the face.

One swipe eye. Photo Source: Glamour UK



In our opinion a great bold lip never goes out of style.


Fenty Beauty Stunna lip paint. Photo Source: From karen with love



Framing the face and drawing attention the eyebrows are integral to your overall look.  The au natural brow is in the fluffier and fuller the better. 

Fluffy Eyebrow. Photo Source: Glamour UK

Use fibre gels to thicken and volumize brows.  Choose the exact colour of your brows to achieve a wearable everyday look.

Benefit Gimme Brow Volumising Brow Gel. Photo Source: Cult beauty

With new and emerging brands, fashion evolution and constant research into skin care it may be overwhelming to consider keeping up with beauty trends…it is always fun to try!