Interior Design Inspiration 2022

Interior Design Inspiration 2022

As we approach spring, it’s time for a refresh at home to upgrade our sacred spaces. Here are a few of our top interior tips for this year to give your home a much needed revamp.

Connect With Nature


Even though we are starting to spend more time outdoors, we will still want that connection with mother nature at home. Through creating a biophilic design aesthetic, we want to feel that calming, revitalising effect in our living spaces through natural light, earthy colour palettes, natural materials, and of course, plenty of plants.

Grandmillenial Design


Coined by House Beautiful, the Grandmillennial style emerged as an interior trend in the last year or so and will be ever prominent this year. Best described as  “grandma chic”, millennials are bringing back traditional design elements and fusing them with a contemporary look. Think chintz upholstery, floral accents, wicker & rattan furnishings and organic textures of old, styled in a more curated look rather than over the top.  

Travel-Inspired Interiors


One thing we are most excited about this year, is being able to travel more. As we plan our trips abroad to places far and wide, take inspiration from different cultures by incorporating worldly design elements at home that will evoke memorable experiences. So make sure you pick up that stunning artefact or intricate furnishing on your next trip.

Rounded Furniture


Rather than boxy, rectangular furniture and sharp lines in your living space, there’s a clear shift to curved edges and soft corners which exudes a more welcoming, friendly look. Mix circular furniture with accent tables and sculptural elements for a cosy yet luxurious feel at home.

Statement Decor And Accents


Transform any interior with a stunning statement piece of furniture or decor that reflects your personality and style, and is sure to take centre stage. Create a focal point in a room with a dramatic arm chair, eye-catching sculpture or whimsical lighting accent that will surely catch your guests’ eye.