Sailing The Mediterranean

Sailing The Mediterranean

Italy, with its endless coast and sunny and mild Mediterranean climate, makes the perfect paradise for sailing. Its amazing beaches and excellent gastronomy make it one of the best holiday spots in the world. It’s no wonder the rich and famous have been sailing the Mediterranean for decades, enjoying the escape from the crowds and basking in the sun on the sea.

Its archipelago coastlines and lakes are great attractions for those wanting to get away from crowded Italian cities and beaches. With several stunning places to sail in Italy, here’s our list of the top most beautiful places to visit by boat.

Amalfi Coast

The Amalfi Coast, located in Salerno Province in southern Italy is one of the most famous and beautiful locations in Italy with its picture perfect postcard views from every corner. From the pretty towns on the hillside that make for the perfect backdrop for sailing to its hidden beaches scattered across the coastline, there’s no better place to dock this summer. We recommend you visit Positano, where boats can idle in good weather and the best views are seen from the deck of a yacht anchored in the bay below. When dining in town, whether in a Michelin star restaurant or a street-side restaurant look out for regional delicacies such as seafood pasta cooked with local extra virgin olive oil.


Sardinia is one of the largest Italian islands located on the Mediterranean sea and one of the most popular superyacht destinations. Known for its clear beaches and breathtaking landscapes, Sardinia is excellent for sailing enthusiasts as it offers plenty of adventures. One can admire the stunning coastline and discover secluded bays to find shelter from the wind or dive into the crystal clear water. Its hot weather, shallow beaches, and excellent conditions for water toys make it the best island for those looking to be active in the water. Its nearby cities also have some of the best Michelin star restaurants for those looking to dine in luxury. A must-see is the Cala Spalmatore, a spot in Sardinia famous for its red granite rock formation


Sicily is the largest island on the Mediterranean sea, south of the Italian peninsula. One of the most popular tourist destinations due to its rich historical culture and ancient cities scattered across the island. Holidayers can dine and dive to the backdrop of towering cliffs, fallen statues, and attention-grabbing volcanoes that have turned their slopes into fertile fields for well-matured wines. For sailing enthusiasts, Sicily is an ideal spot, with fantastic beaches for snorkeling and partying under the stars. Our must-visit is Mount Etna in Catania, one of the biggest volcanoes in Europe that is still active which will for sure be a unique experience.


Naples is one of the world’s oldest inhabited sites and boasts incredible ancient art such as the veiled figures of Museo Cappella Sansevero and the art of San Lorenzo Maggiore. Capri, arguably one of the most iconic islands in Italy, is situated at the Bay of Naples. Capri evokes images of luxury, splendour and majestic scenery. The island is best visited by boat and dining at one of the many restaurants perched vertiginously on the rock face is a must. The Blue Grotto has become a well know marine cavern is also worth the visit to catch the light display on the walls of the grotto as the afternoon sun reflects on the bottom of the limestone floor.