THE TEMPLE MUSE Christmas Gift Guide: 2020

THE TEMPLE MUSE Christmas Gift Guide: 2020

Although it’s a good idea to #MakeNewTraditions, the feeling of joy gotten from the selfless act of gifting and prioritizing others is something we can’t enough of this year!

To help you shop for every type of person in your life, Temple Muse has a specially curated shoppers guide that is sure to cover everyone in your network, family, and social circle. Enjoy below!


We all know that person that’s always up-to-date on the latest trends, new designers, and lets you know when your outfit is “so last season”. It can be difficult to shop for someone that can look effortlessly fabulous with just half an hour’s notice, but between the silk dreams of Faari’s regalness, Lisa’s Folawiyo’s beaded fantasies, or Dye Labs eclectic, trendsetting, Adire Kimonos and Agbadas, you can gift something even the pickiest fashionista will appreciate.

If you’re not comfortable with buying clothing, shop the stunning worlds of Okhtein, Ituen Bassey, and Outhouse Jewelry. Whether they’re staying indoors or going out party season is a mindset, and it’s best to stay prepared!

For the person who loves the accessorize with only the sparkliest and finest things in life, our store is an undiscovered playground. Gift 13 BC’s miniaudieres-- guaranteed to last a lifetime--- or Raya and Outhouses’ timeless jewelry pieces.



Through indigenous spirituality, we discover a connecting link with the Congolese mystical idol Nkisi Nkondi, an aggressive fetish figurine commonly used to affirm oaths and to protect communities from evildoers and enemies. Thereby examining, the act of placing particular importance in physical appearance or dressing up as an act or form of a protection and in essence a fetish.



Problem’s shopping for the man in your life? We’ve got you covered! With Lorenzi’s high-end men’s home accessories, to the glamour-filled world of Orange Culture and Lanvin Ties, Temple Muse is here is dispel the myth that men are hard to shop for.


The Perfect HOST

If there’s someone in your life who’s parties are always the talk of the town, you might want to shop these our unique gift items.

If they like dabbling in bartending, check out our Home Essentials for the Budding Bartender post.


For Someone Who Loves A BIT OF EVERYTHING

Sometimes shopping for a person can be super stressful. Our expertly trained personal shoppers will help your curate the perfect gift based on your budget, tastes, and the recipient’s personality. You can chose to be a part of the customization process, or sit back, relax and let us handle it!



The Holidays are for indulging. We recommend these gifts for your friends, but definitely yourself too! We wont tell if you dont.