Wintery Woodland Escapes

Wintery Woodland Escapes

The Yuletide season is upon us, bringing with it a gift of all things dear and jolly; the warmth of family and joy of togetherness, a chance to breathe out and reset for the new year, and the reminder that the magic of Christmas never gets old or loses its shimmer.

As we prepare for the most wonderful time of the year, we have compiled a list of magical wintery woodland destinations for you to take inspiration from this holiday season. 


Courchevel, France

For the lover of all things picturesque and grand, find rejuvenation in the French Alps with its Santa sack of attractions; live in dreamy woodland chalets, ski the endless slopes of the alps with the option of torchlit descents at dusk, enjoy the exquisite spread of French cuisine as you eat dinner in the clouds.
Don’t forget canyoning and rafting, ziplining, climbing and exploring the rich cultural heritage of Courchevel.


Reykjavik, Iceland

Iceland has a vast repository of natural attractions and phenomena that are sure to make even the greatest summer-bird weak in the knees.

Christmas in Reykjavik is marked by holiday concerts, Christmas markets, beer tours and of course northern lights! For the more adventurous holidayer, explore geysers and lava fields, ice skating and glacier hiking, and tie it all together with mud baths taken in hot springs.

Head out to Iceland for the season, where you can enjoy the ironic warmth of a white Christmas among the friendly locals and brave foreigners. 


Salzburg, Austria

Home to Mozart, The Sound of Music and Joseph Mohr of Silent Night, Salzburg does not disappoint as the city of carols. Although you’re likelier to have winter in January than December, there is no truer Christmas destination than Salzburg; with its Christmas museum, orchestra concerts, nativity exhibits, carolling in the square, and tower music (performed from the top of a tower with wind instruments – how quaint!).

Salzburg is the perfect Christmas getaway for the melophile who might also want to soak up the local culture of a classic European city.


Edinburgh, Scotland

When you think of Christmas in Great Britain, you’re probably imagining the dazzling lights of Regent Street or the frenzied last minute shoppers of Oxford Circus. However, a Scottish Christmas is more unique than that; it is removed enough from the bustle of the city without being remote.

Visit local and national landmarks like Scottish distilleries, the Royal Botanic Garden and National Gallery; and when you’re done, retreat to the highlands and refresh yourself with the sights and pleasures of high altitude air and festive climbing.


Lapland, Finland

Known as the last wilderness in Europe, the flat and barren landscape that sits as the backdrop to the city makes a Lapland Christmas feel like a chapter right out of a fairytale. Perfect for when you want to spend Christmas cooped up with the one you love, or alone doing some soul searching and introspection.

Enjoy the perfect blend of convenience like luxury ski resorts and concerts, and natural attractions like polar nights, midnight sun and ice age fells. Santa Claus Village, snow castles and magical reindeer sleigh rides will have you feeling so Christmassy, you’ll catch yourself looking up at the skies for a chance glimpse of Santa and his elves!