Pedro's Premium Ogogoro- For Africa, By Africa

Pedro's Premium Ogogoro- For Africa, By Africa

By insisting on the apparent juxtaposition of ‘premium ogogoro’, Pedro’s pioneered a movement that challenges the negative legacies of colonisation in Nigeria and beyond, tasking Africans-at-large to reassess their own perception of themselves through what they consume. Pedro’s continues to actively spread the ogogoro gospel through an African lens, hoping to instigate awakenings across the continent with local equivalents, such as chang’aa (Kenya), waragi (Uganda) skokiaan (Zimbabwe), odontol (Cameroon), omole (Sierra Leone) and so on.
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Lagos – Africa’s most populous city – with 20 million and counting inhabitants, remains an important component of the Pedro’s brand. Lagos not only represents where the spirit is refined but is also the cosmopolitan energy that propels a greater vision for Africa.

The original mission of Pedro’s was to explore Nigeria’s heartlands of ogogoro, namely Sapele and other parts of the Delta region. “Sapele water” as an interchangeable term for ogogoro, inspired a journey of learning about the craft of bush distillation and in turn, ourselves as people.

From Badagry to Calabar, sourcing now encompasses many riverine communities across the broader regions of Nigeria. Pedro’s field researchers are tasked with identifying the harder-to-reach ‘ogogoro villages’, deeply embedded in the bush, within the following parameters: small batch production techniques, wild and mature palms, majority women-led bush distillers, and purposeful production for themselves / local communities.

The combination of the aforementioned parameters and riverine terroir, result in the uniquely complex flavor profile of Pedro’s premium ogogoro.

Nosing Pedro’s presents a complex bouquet of herbaceous, vegetal and slightly smoky aromas. Upon tasting, the essence of the palm’s coconutty, spicy, vanilla and citrus notes become more apparent. It is supple and delicate with an exceedingly smooth finish. Ideally paired with spicy snacks, peppered and umami-rich proteins.



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