The World's Best Libraries

The World's Best Libraries

 If you ever had any doubt as to the importance of the humble book one must look at the exquisite works of art man has been building in homage over the ages.

From prestigious seats of learning through religious sanctuaries to global national treasures here is our list of libraries around the world that are absolutely worth a visit.

Bodleian Library and divinity school, Oxford, UK


The UK’s foremost library, the “Bod” is one of the oldest in Europe. For the past 400 years every book that has ever been printed in the UK has been housed there.

Highlights include the “Duke Humfrey’s Medieval Library”, the circular Radcliffe Camera and the 15th-century Divinity School.


UNAM Central Library – Mexico City, Mexico 

Best known for its exterior murals, made from brightly coloured stones, which cover the ten-story building. The mosaic designed by Mexican architect and painter Juan O’Gorman recounts the history of the country.